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About TILH

Hutchison Ports TILH is an intermodal yard whose primary objective is to form part of the logistics and transportation chain, mainly exports oriented.

Hutchison Ports TILH is part of an integral project under development with an area of ​​53Ha and customs services. Strategically built within an area of ​​logistics activities, with 133Ha of additional surface, for the installation of distribution centers and light industry of high added value, with a reserved area for future development (300ha) and with the modernity and ability to hold diverse sectors and specific uses of service, within the new international trends in trade and industrial production in the center of the country.

Hutchison Ports TILH has been constituted by an alliance between the Government of Hidalgo, Hutchison Ports, the port and related services division of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CK Hutchison), and the UNNE Group (Business Union), corporate leader in logistics and transportation in different modalities operating in Mexico, South America and Central America.

  • Misión

    "To offer the best option in cargo services within the global transportation network for international trade in Mexico and particularly the trade generated in the region of the Valley of Mexico, including Mexico City."

Terminales Hutchison Ports en México