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The Intermodal Logistics terminal Hutchison Ports TILH Hidalgo was the first business unit of the group Hutchison Ports in having a core application for its 100% web designed operations, which has allowed since its opening in 2012, to ease its use and contribute to a good performance of its employees when using this powerful new tool in the terminal’s daily operations, thereby providing optimal levels of attention and response in all areas and services that our clients require.


This web application equivalent to ECTS, is the one that other business units of Hutchison Ports Mexico have. eCDYS is planned to be implemented in the medium term in Hutchison Ports TILH, so it will offer an even more dynamic and flexible service to the customer such as container services programming, real-time queries, reports, notifications, quotations and a range of tools that represent a competitive and added value to the customer and business. The next step of technological innovation in this area and customer oriented service as part of corporate standard services, will be the implementation of mobile applications that will provide information from where our customers will be able to access information allowing them to know the status of their containers, times and schedules, services, among many other benefits.


Hutchison Ports TILH is seen avant-grade, being the only business unit of the group with a Tele Toll system on their access booths, this state-of-the-art system provides our customers a robust infrastructure capable of recording the crossings of the trucks entering or leaving the terminal. With this information and the agreement between CAPUFE and Hutchison Ports TILH of the payment-per-trip scheme, the transportation companies that come to Hutchison Ports TILH can get a discount of up to 50% of the payment made to the toll booth no. 4 of Tepotzotlán.


In compliance with safety regulations and the ones applicable to bonded warehouses, Hutchison Ports TILH has a new system of Closed Circuit Television or CCTV for its abbreviation, by which video is stored for up to 65 days, allowing the access to real time information, as well as historical information in case of being required. With this technology and highly trained personnel in the monitoring areas, the safety of our customers, their merchandise and our staff, becomes one more of our priorities.


HUTCHISON PORTS launched the MOBILEPORT application in Mexico, the first real-time cargo monitoring system developed by a port operator. With an investment of $ 50,000, it seeks to streamline the flow of information regarding port services at Hutchison Container Terminals in the country and will drive it as a strategic partner for the end customer and shipping lines.

“MOBILEPORT will allow us to be close to our customers with permanent communication platforms, sharing data on the operation and status of their merchandise,” explained Jorge Magno Lecona, director of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of HUTCHISON PORTS.

MOBILEPORT allows the users to consult the itinerary of the ships and know the information of their cargo. It also sends timely alerts regarding events, news of interest and gives the option to share information with other users.

This application is available for iOS and Android systems for free.

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