Hutchison Ports tracks merchandize and vessels from an app

8 May, 2017

Hutchison Ports updated the Mobile Port app, in which they added a new function to track down merchandize and vessels arriving at the port terminals in real time.


The new mode, allows you to know the track and path of the vessels , and by choosing one, you can visualize its exact location of the vessel carrying the cargo, on a map in real time.


The containers or vessels that have a frequent view, become “favorites” automatically and the app will display such information for the client to see. The new version allows the “favorites” function to synchronize in all the devices where the account is enabled.


“ We will continue driving technology to improve the communication and cargo movement, since the implementation of such tools is fundamental to innovate the services, revealing the information and keeping the client informed about its cargo on a practical and efficient way”. Said, Mr. Jorge Lecona , Latin-American and Caribbean Division Director for Hutchison Ports Mexico.


With over 1300 daily consultations, Mobile Port has been unloaded for free, on IOS and Android devices, saving the client’s time and operation costs.


Mobile Port allows you to consult information related to the cargo whether it is arriving or leaving a terminal at Hutchison Ports EIT in Ensenada, ICAVE in Veracruz, LCT in Lazaro Cardenas, TIMSA in Manzanillo, TILH in Hidalgo and TNG’s Shipyard in Veracruz.