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In Hutchison Ports TILH we care for our environment

Hutchison Ports TILH in coordination with the environmental protection and development authorities, promote and maintain a culture of protection with actions and good sustainable environmental practices, making a good use of our resources to minimize impacts, such as:

  • Responsible Consumption of electricity.
  • The exploitation and reduction of outdoor lighting.
  • Promotion campaigns for the preservation and care of the environment and natural resources.
  • Promotion of consumption, sorting and recycling of municipal solid waste.
  • Forestation and reforestation.
  • Projects to minimize the consumption of natural resources.
  • Hutchison Ports
  • Hutchison Ports is the port and related services division of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CK Hutchison). Hutchison Ports is the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator with a network of port operations in 52 ports spanning 27 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

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